What if all people help each other

All people want to live in the middle of society.

They should be able to decide for themselves where they live and with whom they want to live.

Some people need a lot of support for this. This support must be given to them.

They have a right to that.

WE. build a house that many different people live in.

Families, old and young people. People with a handicap and people without a handicap.

Everyone gets the support they need here.

Everyone lives in their own apartment. There are rooms where everyone can meet and do something together.

It is nice when everyone in the house helps each other.

Everyone has something they can do well. He can bring that into the house community and thus also do something for others.

The new house is being built in the city of Regensburg. Close to the university.

You can go shopping on foot. Ride your bike into town. Or take the bus.

It only takes a few minutes to go shopping.

Cinemas, football stadiums, theaters, restaurants and shops or sports facilities can be reached quickly.

There is a lot of nature around the house.

The special thing about W.I.R. is that it belongs to all residents together.

This form is called a cooperative. The residents are called comrades.

The comrades meet in the general assembly. Here they jointly decide on important things in the house.