Who are the best keyboard players in rock

Video: The 10 greatest keyboard parts in rock history?

from editorial staff,

When it comes to the iconic parts of rock music, most people talk about great guitar solos or amazing drums in the bridge. But the keyboard has also contributed a lot to the genre. The 10 largest are said to be listed in the video from watchmojo.com.

No question about it: synths and keyboards have shaped the music of the last decades through their (electronic) sound. From pop to rock to metal - keyboard instruments were practically everywhere.



Sometimes it was exactly this or that chord that made a song a success. Watchmojo.com's YouTube video lists 10 such riffs that made rock history. Van Halen's “Jump” is definitely a must, even if we at MGMT are no longer so sure about rock. But then we would have a few additions:


  • Linkin Park with “In The End” - whereby the title is only representative of a number of songs that one could name from the band
  • Gorillaz with “19-2000” - Perhaps not the prime example of distorted electric guitars - but Gorillaz has some melodies for the ages in their pieces
  • Evanescence with “Bring Me To Live” - This is of course about the catchy intro. The song is part of a series of good rock songs that have been given a memorable piano intro!


What do you think of the list? In your opinion, which key parts should definitely not be missing from the list?

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