Is movement analog or digital

by Peter Knappmann, 02/12/2020

Every day we actively use digital media to surf, work or play. Then we close the laptop again or turn off the cell phone and end up in the analog world again, have contact with other people, arrange to meet up to eat or go for a walk. Thus, both the online and the offline world are our home.

The digital world is only represented on the Internet, it is target group-specific, enables short-term implementation and has advantages in terms of both price and time. However, it is often difficult to keep an overview because little orientation is offered. In addition, the challenge of this world lies in creating appealing digital customer experiences. The movement of digitization urges us to increase the use of digital media and to live and work completely digitally. In the course of this, the entire organization is called into question. A new level of complexity is created and the many new communication options must always be synchronized. Nevertheless, the human factor needs constant feedback with the analog world in which it lives. The analog world is always physically available and present, it appeals to all the senses, creates experiences and enables haptic perception.

Every movement also involves a counter-movement. Is the digital world overwhelming us?

Digitization has a human side. Because without the innovators who drive transformations, there would be a standstill and digitization would not even exist. The fact is: without the analog world, the human factor, there would be no digital world. Digitization is not a technical, but a socio-technical process - with people at the center. It changes corporate culture and plays an important role in all areas of life. The countermovement of digitization is looking for points of calm outside the digital and the analog world is celebrating a comeback, which also shows the failed disruption or displacement of traditional formats, such as the sale of books and game boards. There is an increasing demand for hybrids or mixed forms that combine constant feedback with the analog world.

Renaissance of the analog world: back to haptics

The analog world has not died out, and it will not be for a long time. There is an increasing willingness to preserve everything that was valuable and worth preserving about the old world - both analog and digital. A hybrid form of the analog and digital world as well as a humanized handling of digitization is required without slowing it down. Digitization is a complement, a bridge and an interaction between the offline and online world. Be open to change, but still reflect on your own structures and cultures, the human factor.

Text: Lena Knappmann / Image: AdobeStock