Are the Singaporeans overworked

"We wish Singapore would revise the criminal law"

On her state visit to Singapore, Federal President Leuthard addressed the case of the convicted Swiss sprayer. The city-state, however, is relentless.

Federal President Doris Leuthard discussed the case of the Swiss sprayer with Singapore's President S.R. Nathan discusses. However, this is of no use to the convicted person: he will still have to endure the three blows of the stick.

Leuthard brought up the topic as part of her one-day working visit to Singapore. Leuthard and Singapore's President S.R. Nathan, however, only in the fact that the two states have a different view of things.

The sprayer had broken the Singapore law and pleaded guilty, Leuthard told journalists in Singapore on Friday. Since the city-state has not signed the Convention against Torture, the punishment is legally correct.

Leuthard's criticism

However, she pointed out to the President that Switzerland had long since abandoned this form of punishment. "We wish Singapore would revise the criminal law," said Leuthard. For the president, the sprayer is just one of many cases. The 32-year-old was convicted of vandalism at the end of June, among other things, for spraying graffiti on subway cars in Singapore. He pleaded guilty.

The strict laws of the Southeast Asian city-state require at least three blows of the stick in the event of vandalism in addition to a prison sentence. The blows are administered with a wooden stick just below the buttocks and can leave permanent scars. Amnesty International calls this form of punishment torture.

G-20 excluding Switzerland and Singapore

The main thing that Leuthard's meeting with S.R. Nathan, the finance and trade ministers and the head of the National Bank on bilateral economic relations and the global financial situation.

In front of the media, Leuthard emphasized - in the presence of economiesuisse President Gerold B├╝hrer and the head of the bankers' association Urs P. Roth - that it was unsatisfactory for both Singapore and Switzerland not to be part of the G20 as important global financial markets.

Singapore is not only one of the most important financial centers in the world, but also Switzerland's most important trading partner in Southeast Asia. In 2009, Switzerland exported goods worth CHF 2.08 billion to Singapore and imported goods worth CHF 612 million.

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