Differences between web design and web development

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Have you ever heard and thought the terms "web designer" and "web developer":

"What does each mean? What does that mean?"

Below, I'll go into each of them and discuss what each role entails, how they are similar, and how they differ.

What is a web designer?

A web designer focuses on the look and feel of a website or web application.

Web designers are familiar with color theory, graphic design, and information flow.

Certain aspects of web design, such as information flow, affect user experience (UX). In addition, tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other wireframing software are included in the web designer's toolkit.

As a web designer, it is good to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, there are certain web designer positions where this programming knowledge is not required.

However, as a web designer it is important to be digital - even if you cannot "code".

What is a web developer?

Compared to web designers, web developers need to know how to get websites and applications to work and work. In general, web developers are concerned with the functionality - not the look - of websites and applications.

There are two different types of web developers: Frontend and backend .

Frontend developers need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also, realize that web designers and front-end developers have a lot in common.

Backend developers usually work with a specific programming language and framework - like Ruby on Rails or Python and Django. They also have an understanding of databases like MySQL.

There is also a third type of web developer called a "full stack developer". This means that this person is familiar with both the front end and the back end.

Or as it is commonly called, "client-side" and "server-side".

How are the two roles the same?

Web design and web development can require a certain level of programming knowledge. Of course, developers rely a lot more on programming. And some designers don't have to write a line of code.

In addition, web designers and web developers are similar because they both focus on customer interaction or the end user.

The designer studies how the end user the process of navigating the site or the web application. On the other hand, a developer will be more focused on how the customer is Can get things done.

In the end, they both make the internet a better place.

How are web designers and web developers different?

Here are three ways the two differ.

1. Remuneration:

Overall, web designers tend to earn less than web developers.

According to PayScale, the median web designer salary in the USA is 48,474 (as of end of 2016). Also found on PayScale, the median web developer salary in the US is $ 57,662 (as of late 2016).

2. When it comes to finding work:

For web designers, your work portfolio is most important. Hiring managers might want to look at your Dribbble or Behance profile.

For web developers, hiring managers want to see your code.

Usually this is done by looking at your Github profile.

3. As far as personality goes:

Web designers tend to make me more creative and artistic, while web developers tend to be more analytical.


With the ever-changing web landscape, these roles are often blurred these days.

Many designers understand basic web development concepts and vice versa. However, most companies and organizations will have dedicated team members on both sides.