Is Amazon Prime Day for members only

Via Prime Deals

Prime Deals are promotions in which grants a promotional discount on a certain number of a certain item for a limited period of time. This discount only applies to Prime members.

You can find all Prime Deals on Thursdays from 7 a.m. to midnight on our website. You can get to this page by entering the URL in your browser.

If a Prime Deal is active, you will see the following:

  • the item intended for the Prime Deal
  • the Prime Deal price
  • the percentage of the Prime Deal discount. This refers to the recommended retail price of the article or, if there is no recommended retail price, to the regular article price
  • the button "Add to shopping cart" or "Variation selection" (e.g. for different colors or sizes), provided that special discounts are still available for this Prime Deal item

Please note the following conditions:

  • A Prime Deal item can only be ordered once per customer at the special Prime Deal price. However, you can still order additional copies of this item at the regular price on during the Prime Deal campaign period.
  • Prime Deal prices only apply to selected products of the respective seller that are expressly offered as Prime Deal on the detail page.
  • A Prime Deal is only available until either the respective promotional period has expired or until all items available for this Prime Deal have been completely sold. You must order the item before this time to take advantage of the promotional discount.
  • You can only purchase an item as a Prime Deal by continuing and completing the respective order using the "Proceed to checkout" button. On the other hand, if you click on the "Buy now with 1-Click®" option, the promotion discount cannot be offset.
  • Prime Deal discounts are non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash.
  • Prime Deal discounts apply only to the product price, not to shipping costs, taxes or other costs.
  • Should there be technical problems during the campaign period that prevent you from reserving or using a Prime Deal, Amazon is not legally obliged to grant the campaign discount retrospectively.
  • When determining a lower price in terms of the pre-order price guarantee, Prime Deal prices are not taken into account.
  • Amazon reserves the right to change the conditions or to terminate a Prime Deal early.
  • The Prime Deal price is uniform and final for private and corporate customers. In the case of an intra-Community delivery or a delivery outside the EU, it is not reduced by the sales tax.